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Vets for Pets clinic is set up as a result of our love for animals. Our pet clinic is manned by a team of dedicated staff and is fully equipped with the latest veterinary medical devices, such as a state of the art digital X-ray machine, dental machine, patient monitoring devices and others. Our veterinary clinic is a full service companion. It is our commitment to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. We provide animal clinic services to our customers who are pet lovers. Our in-house laboratory devices enable us to do on-site blood testing and diagnostics so that your pet is diagnosed with minimal delay. Last but not least, we will conscientiously and continuously upgrade our dog clinic services to keep in line with best practices.

pet clinic helps protects and improves the health and quality of our animals. The animal veterinary clinic offers a wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic servies available to customers in our veterinary clinic. Our dog clinic is a centre providing treatments and medical checkups for household pets located in Singapore. While there are not many animal veterinary clinic in Singapore to choose from, locating an animal veterinary clinic in Singapore is still rather convenient. Both pet clinic and animal clinic or dog clinic are mostly located in Singapore while many pet clinic are conveniently located in various parts of Singapore, some veterinary clinic and cnimal veterinary clinic or dog clinic are on 24-hours service daily.

In addition to the many veterinary clinical services available through regularly scheduled appointments, please call ahead so that you can provide us with the basic information we need in order to be ready for you when you arrive our pet clinic with your emergency. We also aim to provide professional veterinary medical care to all pets both great and small, while promoting preventative medicine in pets and awareness on public health and our veterinary clinic and animal clinic or dog clinic.


veterinary clinic | animal veterinary clinic | pet clinic | dog clinic | pets clinic | animal clinic | Singapore

  Clinic Hours  

Enquiries and Appointments
Telephone:       6569 1627

After-hours Emergencies
Mobile:              93682709

  Opening Hours  

Monday                            :               10am – 12pm,  2.30pm-8.00pm

Tuesday                           :               10am – 12pm,  2.30pm-8.00pm

Wednesday                     :               10am – 12pm,  2.30pm-8.00pm

Thursday                          :              10am – 12pm,  2.30pm-8.00pm

Friday                               :              10am – 12pm,  2.30pm-8.00pm

Saturday                          :              10am – 12pm,  2.00pm-5.00pm

Sunday                             :              12pm – 4pm

Public Holidays               :              Closed